My Favourite Websites for Hotel & Resort Management

My Favourite Websites for Hotel & Resort Management

Judging on how often I will visit & comment in a site, three stand far above the rest.
One, is with my consumers, the other my friends and the third, my proffessional interest.

The first: Tripadvisor
Wonder what I do in Tripadvisor? I talk & help my potential clients.

The second: Facebook

The third: LinkedIn

Or if you are intereted to contact me:

What is the HL group?: What is the group?

Boutique hotels history & definition:

So you want to do a press release! Well here are a sites to help you:

Are you a Australian, have experience and want to help others whilst being stationed somewhere (anywhere)? Well then contact ABV, they are great to deal with. I have had the pleasure of doing business with three of their volunteers, all enjoyable experiences. Might be joinning them myself when I receive too many “Over qualified” notices.

If you are a New Zealander, please contact:

Keyword Searches for your website & articles:

Think your content has been plagiarised?
Check here:

My favourite Currency Converter:

Here are some Directories to submit your website for Search engines to find faster.

You want to do a Google Adword Advertising, go here:

Here are a selection of hotel & resort management systems.

Why you should have a blog for your hotel or resort:



This “My Favourite Websites for Hotel & Resort Management ” article is copyrighted content for general discussion to persons interested in the management of small boutique hotels & resorts.

All views expressed in this blog are mine, except where clearly stated.
Your views and comments are most welcomed.

John Nicholls – small hotels and resorts management


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